Sam Bennett is the author of Start Right Where You Are and Get It Done. She created The Organized Artist Company to help creative people get unstuck and achieve their goals. She is a writer, actor, teacher and creativity/productivity specialist who has counseled thousands of artists and entrepreneurs on their way to success. Bennett is the bestselling author of: Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day; An Artist Talks To God; Less Crazy, More Money: 52 Secrets to Running a Serene, Profitable Business; By The Way, You Look Really Great Today: Selected Poems; and 365 Reasons to Write. She is an award-winning small business marketing expert. As an actor, Bennett has appeared in such hit shows as Modern Family, Strong Medicine, The Drew Carey Show and Days of Our Lives. Bennett also worked at the legendary Second City Theatre in Chicago and with ComedySportz Los Angeles. Please visit her at

When I was working on my PhD, everyone said: The only good dissertation is a done one. It was a warning that few followed despite the clear wisdom. This was before computers and spell check. Invariably, no matter how many times you read and reread your dissertation, you would open the final copy only to discover a typo. My second lesson on perfectionism came when I was Director of Leadership Development and Organizational Health at the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District. I gave a report to the school board with some errors in it. I was so upset with myself that I went to the superintendent to apologize. He said something I will never forget: People like it when you make a mistake. They feel better when they see you’re not perfect. And today, my first email said: Avoid the perfect book syndrome. Perfectionism doesn’t work for anyone. In fact, there is no such thing. It only resides as a tormenting thought in our minds. Please join us Thursday to start moving past perfectionism.

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