There are many different points of view out in the world about our bodies and our health.
Depending on your source you may hear that the health of our bodies is all about genetics.
That we are destined to have the diseases that run in families.

Other beliefs might be that it is completely related to diet, and lack of nutrition and supplements, or the amount of stress we have in our lives or the toxins in the environment we live in.

Some people may even decide that they have really bad luck with their body, and that it is that bad luck that creates their ill health or their body shape.

And yet how much does what we think, those thoughts we hold as real and true such as, “My father had diabetes so I am predestined to have it too” or “My ancestors were from a northern country so I  have a higher chance of getting skin cancer”.

Just how much do these beliefs and thoughts play into the health and wellness of our bodies?
How much do we actually create in our bodies with the thoughts we hold and dwell upon?

What if our bodies are not a problem to solve? What if we were not born with a less than perfect body even if you have a different body than your neighbor, your sister, or the supermodel on the cover of your favorite magazine?

The choices we make creates everything that is showing up in our lives and in our bodies.
What if instead of feeling helpless against fate or genetics, you chose to have a point of view that assists you to have a body that works for you?

Join Heather Nichols with her guest Dr. Andrew Gardella in a very different conversation about what is truly possible with bodies that we may have never considered before.

Dr. Andrew Gardella works with beings and bodies all over the world to create change. What kind of change?  Who knows, but as long as it is fun he doesn’t care. He is a Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Body Facilitator, as well as a chiropractor.