Have you always had a sense that more was possible with bodies and your body in particular, than what those around you believed or what you heard from experts in the health field?

When you or family members were told you had a forever disease, did you sense perhaps that there were other options that had not been looked at.
What have you always sensed about bodies and being in a body that no one else might know?
When you were a child maybe there an ease of being in your body that you didn’t sense in those around you. And somewhere did you buy the lies about bodies from those around you, rather than your knowing of what was possible?

Would you allow for a moment that perhaps you have a knowing about your body that transcends the common beliefs about bodies and illness on our planet? It may be buried under years of neglect or not listening or where you have been buying everyone else’s stories about bodies.  Would you for a moment allow your knowing of your body to bubble up into your awareness?

Right there, that is the magic that you and your body can create together. As you release all the lies and mistruths and reclaim the communion that is possible with your body, I wonder what you could create together? What magic are you and your body together that could actually create change on this planet?

Join Heather Nichols in a deeper conversation to reignite that relationship and other possibilities for you and your body.