Science shows how very important our thoughts and words are. They have the power to create health or illness, happiness or sadness, gratitude or hate. In other words, they create the quality of our lives and even the specifics of our lives. Dr. Emoto had Buddhist Monks direct thoughts into water. The positive thoughts created colorful complex snowflake-like crystal shapes and the negative ones caused incomplete asymmetrical shapes of dull colors to form. Since our bodies are about 70% water, our thoughts (conscious and unconscious) have a similar impact on our bodies. For instance, one of my clients released chronic neck pain the instant she connected the physical pain in her neck to the emotional pain she felt when she wrote about the man she was divorcing. Even her training as a counselor did not help her see the connection between her thoughts, emotions and body. Please join us Thursday to learn how these new understandings make it possible to use quantum biofeedback to heal. Dr. Velvete, is a change agent, using her nurturing abilities to enhance the lives of others that are willing to experience more joy, peace and abundance in their lives. With over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field, Dr. Velvete uses her teaching techniques and skills, as well as other proven techniques to best benefit the clients individual needs. Whether there is a nutritional imbalance, an emotional block, or a spiritual impression, Dr. Velvete provides quality care to each and every client, tailoring each session to encourage individual growth and empowerment.

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