Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up each morning,  ready to leap out of bed excited for the adventures you could choose each day? Or does it seem that your days are something to get through, accomplishing as much as possible on the daily-to-do list, walking through the same routine as the day before and the day before that? Do you live for your holidays and hope that someday you can live the life of your dreams, a life outside the boxes that you see others around you choose? What if there is something very different that is possible? What if each day could be a wildly, unpredictable, undefinable, inconsistent adventure of living? What would it be like to have a point of view that each day, not just holidays or weekends, could be filled with possibilities, joy and creativity. Rather than being something we do, orgasmic living is a space of being where we are on the edge of creation, out of the box, where you create and be the joy that inspires and awakens life, our bodies and even the planet itself. What would it be like if your joy, your vitality and your aliveness where a catalyst for a different possibility in this world of ours? Join Heather Nichols and her guest Emily Russell in a definitely different conversation full of tools to assist us to become that orgasmic catalyst of change.

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