How many of us have bought into the belief that we must have everything gathered together before we take that first step, whether it is creation or expanding a new project, or a product, or a business? We think we have to do all the research and have explored every angle, to make sure there are no surprises or anything that could possibly go wrong, before we make a single move. How many times have you started something with so much excitement that your body feels wildly alive and then as you get bogged down in the HOW of it all, and bought into other people’s beliefs of doing things slowly and methodically, or having to follow all the steps from A to Z without deviation, it becomes so slowed down and ordered that all life seems to drain out of the creation? So what else might be possible here? What happens when we function from the chaos of creation rather than the order that we have been told is necessary? What if rather than slowing down we speed up and allowed those whispers of creation to be created outside of the box of predictability?   There is a place for systems and organization in our businesses AND even if something has been done one particular way since the business or project began, what if then we were willing to ask questions and follow the energy? Would we then find everything being created faster, easier, with more ease and way more fun? Join Heather Nichols for this definitely different conversation on the speed of space we can choose to be that your creations may be asking for.

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