Episode 3| Resolving Money and Love Obstacles with Ho’oponopono

Special Guest: Suzanne Mastrangelo Lucarelli

Is attracting more Money and Love into your life something that interest you? If so, Come and listen to the details of how 8 women have attracted over $900,000 in less than 2½ years by using Ho’oponopono and our tapping strategies. Dr. Mary Oz teaches you how to combine her 30 Day Ho’oponopono Challenge with her Tapping Strategy that results in Radical Change and Healing for Love, Money, Inspiration and much more. This technique will help you release your negative thoughts, doubts, beliefs and stubborn negative memories! To listen to Suzanne’s story and learn more about how Ho’oponopono can help you, click the link below:


I hope you enjoy the episode, there is so much to learn from this, I hope you are taking notes! On Episode 4 “Ho’oponopono Helps Heal a Devastating Loss and Brings Protection” we learn Chrissy’s Story. The devastating loss of her child and how Chrissy and her family have been healing with the power of Ho’oponopono. We also learn about Coach Stephanie’s “Big Mistake” and how she received protection from Ho’oponopono when needed most. Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s important to learn from them, see and acknowledge the lesson behind it and grow from it. Ho’oponopono helps us to take responsibility for our actions and protects us at the same time.
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