Episode 10| Getting the Results You Deserve

Special Guest: Lisa Sasevich

We are so honored to have had the one and only Lisa Sasevich on Radical Change Now! Lisa Sasevich is known as “The Queen of Sales Conversion” and has her own multi-million dollar business that its being acknowledged as Americas Fastest Growing Private Company! Lisa teaches her clients how to grow their businesses just like she grew hers. She loves to help entrepreneurs share their message and teaches them how to create massive results doing what they are ment to do. Are you a business owner? Do you have a passion for something and want to take it to the next level? To learn how to get the results you deserve listen to on Dr. Mary Oz interviewing Lisa Sasevich with the link below:


You can also listen to Dr. Mary Oz on Radical Change Now by downloading the FREE Voice America App! We have more guest coming to the show that we want you to be able to listen to! Some of our clients, coaches and powerful speakers you may already know will be joining us, so be sure to stay tuned! Want more from Dr. Mary Oz and her team? Be sure to follow us on Instagram @dr.maryoz and ‘like’ our Facebook page “Radical Change Now”.

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