Episode 8| Empowering Families with The Law of Attraction

Special Guest: Coach Samm

Now that you have been listening in on the last couple of episodes have you been thinking to yourself “I wish I have learned about all of this sooner?” or “ If I knew these techniques when I was younger, it really could have helped me out during tough times, been more grateful for the good times and have a better understanding of myself and others?” Okay maybe your thinking of that last one now because we just mentioned it but this knowledge is so powerful! The sooner you learn it and apply it the better! That is why Coach Samm came up with her new program “Empowered Kids”. She is taking what our coaching clients learn and simplifying it so that children can learn and grow with this powerful knowledge! It’s something that we are very excited and passionate about, during this episode she will give you all of the details. The listen to the episode click the link below:


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