Episode 4| Ho’oponopono Helps Heal a Devastating Loss and Brings Protection


Special Guests: Chrissy and Coach Stephanie

On this episode we discuss how Ho’oponopono helps to heal a family going through a devastating and unexpected loss, as well as bringing protection when needed most. Coach Stephanie talks first about her “Big Mistake” and how she almost lost her driving license. We discuss how everyone makes mistakes and do things that we don’t mean too but, it’s important to learn from your mistakes and really take in the lesson learned by making that mistake. Coach Stephanie goes over what techniques she used during this time to really take in the lesson and get protection from this situation. She went from an emotion wreck after the incident to calm and understanding. Next we go to Chrissy, She had unexpectedly lost her youngest daughter in a car crash right after her divorce. Both her and her family were struggling with this loss and needed something to guide them through this. Chrissy and Dr. Mary go over what steps she took and how her family is doing now. You can listen to this episode now with the link below:
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