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The most personal and gripping episode I’ve ever done.

We plan for various crises and disasters, making plans to prepare and respond to such things as terrorism, but what we often forget are those that have been impacted terrorism. In the most personally gripping and heartfelt episode I’ve ever done, I’m joined by terrorism survivor and victim advocate, Ann Travers.

Ann talks about her experiences of growing up in Northern Ireland during the Troubles and how it impacted – and still impacts – her today.

1. Defining terrorism, living in fear, The Troubles;

2. Ann’s personal story of terrorism, the hurt, survival and lingering impacts;

3. Ann’s Law, victim’s rights, re-traumatization, and support.

It’s an episode that raises the question of why we prepare and respond to disasters, but we seem to fall short when it comes to caring for those living with the impacts of terrorism…or any disaster.

Don’t miss this episode! If you are a survivor of terrorism and want to talk to someone, you can find help at

Don’t suffer alone!