Join me Thursday, January 12/23 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.
What does Lewis & Clarke, Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier and many other explorers had in common? They are all great examples of key management and leadership concepts that many people and organizations struggle with today. I speak with Project Management and Business Continuity expert, Ralph L. Kliem about his new book ‘Management Lessons from the Great Explorers’.
We touch on:
1. Strong sponsors,
2. Risk Management,
3. Data and information,
4. Adaptation,
5. Stakeholder Management, and
6. The willingness to say no.
It’s a fascinating new way of looking at some of today’s key issues – by looking at the past. If we don’t learn from those that came before, we won’t be able to manage today. It’s a great chat you won’t want to miss.