Join me Thursday, January 5/22 at 1pm EST on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel.
Building resilient small businesses is an often overlooked segment of the economy, especially considering small businesses make up to 97% of businesses around the globe. I speak with the founder of Resilient Ready Renae Hanvin who talk about small businesses and resilience.
Renae talks about:
1. Defining small businesses,
2. Defining resiliency vs resilient,
3. Building business networks,
4. Communities and the impacts of small business,
5. Thinking difference vs doing differently,
6. Kangaroo Island and the response
7. Lessons Learned and being implemented by businesses in Lismore, Australia that suffered from another major flood in early 2022,
8. How businesses can work together (and with the community),
9. The telling signs of a good business eco-system…and so much more.
Renae offers some great insights on small business you don’t want to miss.