Join me Thursday, June 22/23 at 1pm EST!  I’m joined by globally renown resilience team building expert, organizational psychologist, author, and entrepreneur, Kathryn McEwen. Resilience in the workplace is a topic organizations around the globe is tackling, and trying to understand what it really means and how to address it. Kathryn will help us understand this.

During our discussion, Kathryn talks about:

1. Defining team resilience,

2. Building personal resilience at work,

3. Building resilient teams,

4. The impact and culture of organizational culture,

5. Measuring resilience,

6. Aligning team resilience with other disciplines (e.g., BCM, Risk, etc.),

7. DE&I…and so much more!

Don’t miss Kathryn great insights on how to build resilience – in ourselves and in our teams. It’s one you don’t want to miss. Enjoy!