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The Guidelines

 All that said – here are the things that I have found that have made the greatest sense to me in working intuitively. I do not imagine this a complete list by any measure, as I find new ways all the time that help me, so I anticipate that improvements in my intuition will continue to occur right up to my graduation from this level, but it is as complete a list as I could come up with for now. Perhaps at the 50th Anniversary of NET there will be a Guidelines II from me, but don’t hold your breath, though I’ll probably have some other papers to give instead.


I wanted to do this one first because it is so short.

Ego is counterproductive to intuition. That is all you  really have to know. The greater the ego, the less the intuitive accuracy. That is simple, is it not? Put another way – Fat head, no intuition. In most cases these practitioners will think they are the greatest gift to the patient since disposable diapers, and usually they will be full of the same material. You can usually spot these practitioners because their ego arrives five to ten minutes before they do. They are a danger to patients and should be avoided at all costs &/or quietly taken out and put to sleep.

Being Centered

I never do any work with someone without centering myself first. I call myself forward into the Light of the Universe, asking for assistance and guidance for the highest good of all concerned (you can do whatever works for you). This allows me to anchor myself firmly so that regardless of what happens, I cannot be moved off my personal foundation. This also opens me up to the other levels of consciousness so more of me is available. All the levels of consciousness can then line up and are present – right now – for the session.  Centering anchors me in Present Time Consciousness (see below). This allows for more options and directions from which information can flow during the session. Centering offers an opportunity for the mystical (that which is a mystery) and the metaphysical (the other than physical) to be a part of the session. If we accept that the Zero Point Field is the source of all information, then it only makes sense to be as available as possible to receive what it has to offer from all the levels possible. Centering myself allows for this.  


Intention means to have a preconceived notion or idea about what you want to do. Setting an intention is to have a plan of how you want proceed. It is a very powerful tool in your intuition arsenal. From Dorland’s Medical Dictionary (25th Ed.) intention is, a manner of healing. Without it nothing can be accomplished in an organized manner. With it you can move mountains, open hearts, and manifest destinies.

Setting an intention, after centering yourself, can be extremely powerful in aligning your consciousness, improving your intuitive ability and your resourcefulness, because the centering opens your levels of consciousness – expanding your inner levels and maximizing the effect of your stated intention (your manner of healing) throughout all your inner levels, strengthening the overall work and result. 


Neutrality is an important key. Neutrality allows empathy to raise the vibration of the session. Empathy – according to Dorland’s – the recognition of the entering into the feelings of another person – is a powerful tool for us to have at our disposal, as opposed to Sympathy – which is – again from Dorland’s – is the influence exerted by one individual upon another, or received from another and the effects thus produced …(as) in the transfer of hysterical symptoms.” [Emphasis added]. Isn’t that just what you want to have happen in a session – hysterical symptoms? Ego people do sympathy, which means they usually do NET to people, not with them. See why they should be taken out &/or put to . . . well, you get the idea.

Being neutral can be tough, especially when we want to help someone so much we will do almost anything to be of service. That is the warning we are entering into sympathy – we will do anything to help them, i.e., take whatever time it takes at the expense of another’s appointment time, reduce or give the visit free – “because this is so important for you” – when really it’s our own ego that is so insecure we will sell the farm to be sure the patient knows how great we are and how much we care – oh, how much we really care. Spare me – Are you the doctor, doctor? Act like it.

Neutrality requires a tough stand in empathy. We must be ruthless and impeccable in our honesty and integrity. As Scott Walker says, we must be the patient’s champion. We can go into the patient’s feelings, but we must be very sure none of their emotional do-do sticks to us. We cannot be the patient’s champion if we too, are sucked down into their emotional whirlpool. Our emotions cannot enter into the fray. We need to have what Carl Rogers said was, a feeling of unconditional positive regard for the patient – or what we would call today, a feeling of unconditional loving.  Unconditional Loving serves as our compass to guide us and Neutrality is our rudder to steer, both us and the patient, a healing course home so that both of us can return safely to the shores of reality regardless of the emotional maelstrom of the patient.

I have found that by observing myself with the patient, almost as if I were a third person in the session – objectively just watching it – gives me this neutrality. Just observing the scene you are in with the patient leads to neutrality. Step back – just observe the two of you together. Sense the Big Picture of what is happening. Since all is perfect anyway, it really does not matter what happens in this session. When you have that sense and then you apply your NET skills – miracles can happen – because you have now gotten out of your own way. 

Awe, Wonderment, Gratitude and Innocence

Be in awe of the patient’s process. I cannot say how many patients I have stood in awe over, after hearing their story. I find it amazing they are still alive after what has happened to them. Awe allows for a deep appreciation of another person. It opens the door for the wonderment of being in the presence of another soul and the actuality of their existence – the strength and commitment they demonstrate to their process – to life itself. I never cease to marvel at the human’s ability to keep on keeping on through God knows what. Each person with their own stuff, their own life lessons, their challenges, their Karma or whatever else you want to call it. And they show up to face it and keep showing up – just like you and I do – day in and day out – doing life to the best of their ability – breathing in and breathing out until they graduate from this place and breath is no longer necessary.

Awe and wonderment of what I see in that person takes me into gratitude and innocence, that place Rumi referred to when he said, out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I will meet you there. When you can go to that place, that heartfelt existence of where Souls mingle, innocence overcomes you. Being so centered opens the Universe to you. It is a place of no time, a place of right now and a place of forever was and ever will be – all at once. You stand in great strength knowing you are safe, standing there in complete Knowing (as opposed to knowing with a small k as in, I am knowing this because I read it somewhere):  Knowing, truth, beauty and joy as absolutes and with infinite compassion for all. This is not doing, nor is it simply being. Rather, this is the state of the I-Thou relationship that Maslow referred to in his writings. Such is one’s awareness after the application of awe, wonderment, gratitude and innocence with the patient.

Present Time Consciousness (PTC)

Ram Dass spoke of being here now, as does the popular Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now.   The Buddhists speak of mindfulness. Jimmy Parker and Victor Frank spoke of Present Time Consciousness (PTC). PTC is that state of right now – not yesterday, nor tomorrow, but right NOW – when everything that ever was or will be – is. When you are in a state of PTC with the patient, there is a limbic connection with them that allows for magic to happen, for you are standing right on the ZPF beach, in the Quantum waves that are breaking into reality. You focus on nothing and yet are aware of everything. Soft focus – easy does it – alert and aware.

Centering yourself (see above) is very helpful in establishing PTC. You are not worried about the check book, the kids, how many new patients we have on the books – none of that! It’s just you and the patient as they are. There is a subtle immenseness to this state, when you are in the Zero Point Field. It is as if you are the smallest droplet of water in the largest ocean that is the Universe, and you are aware of every aspect of it. From here the application of NET Protocol takes on a different aspect. From here you and the patient have access to all levels of consciousness, to the All There Is, and everything is present to assist. PTC allows you and the patient to do your best – maximum efficiency with minimum effort, as the Founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano would say.


Dr. Michael Kudlas

Dr. Michael Kudlas, your host of Speaking of Health, spent ten years teaching in Detroit before going to Sherman College of Chiropractic. Dr. Kudlas opened his practice in Michigan where he has been in active practice for the past 30 years, presently in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Along the way he has earned Master’s degrees in Education, Psychology and Theology. Dr. Kudlas is committed to providing human upliftment through loving service. He has developed three healing modalities Bio Energetic Massage, Meningeal Modulation and Body Consciousness Healing His weight loss program, Real Results, loving yourself lean, has helped hundreds lose weight and keep it off. Read about it at has published over 40 professional chiropractic papers, made numerous speaking engagements at international seminars, written for Charles Tuttle and Elsevier Publishing houses and is the Chiropractic Advisor for the American Holistic Health Association. He is board certified in Integrative Medicine, and a Certified NET Practitioner. In 2007, he was selected as the Doctor of the Year, an international award, by Neuro Emotional Technique and the ONE Foundation for the clinical research he has done with NET. Dr. Kudlas is the owner of Old Time Medicinals, a specialty essential oil company specializing in pain relief formulas. His real joy is serving his fellow man. Healing is the application of loving to a place that hurts, says Dr. Kudlas, Join us as we explore that notion.